Guava Jam

Peel guavas thinly (spud peeler works well).

Cut in half, scoop out seeds and chop the fruit into smallish pieces.

For each cup of chopped guavas add ¾ cup sugar.

Bring to boil in pot, stirring to dissolve sugar, then simmer gently uncovered approx. 40-50 minutes with occasional stirring.

For a more even consistency give a short beat with beaters on slow speed (eg. bar-mix or mixmaster).

When thick enough for jam, pour into clean dry jars and seal while still warm.

Note – test consistency by placing small amount on saucer in fridge, as it will be thicker when it cools.

From Rae Marnham


One response to “Guava Jam

  1. Verjuice from Grapes (use instead of wine, lemon juice or vinegar)
    See recipes by Maggie Beer.

    If your grapes get eaten by birds or spoilt by mildew, here is a way to use them productively.

    You need:
    -glass bottles with lids or stoppers
    -juicer/ stab mixer/blender
    -muslin for straining
    -colander or sieve

    -pick grapes before there is any trace of sugar in the grapes otherwise
    the juice will ferment.
    -rinse the bunches.
    -remove the stems and let the grapes dry on tea-towels for a day or so.
    -juice and strain them through the muslin. Don’t worry if there is a little sediment getting through. It will settle in the bottom of the bottle.
    -fill the bottles and leave them on a window sill in the sun for about 2 weeks. The color of the juice becomes a deeper yellow.
    -store the verjuice in the pantry. It keeps well for at least a year.

    I use verjuice in salad dressings, sauces and marinades. A Persian colleague of mine gave me these instructions and they work very well. Persians use verjuice for various health purposes, a little like cider vinegar has been used.

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