Upcoming events


 An Australian documentary designed to change the world…

Design for Life - Permaculture - The Food Forest StoryTickets $20.00.                      
Net proceeds to Adelaide community & environmental groups.

A chance get a group of friends together!   

Pre-book your tickets to avoid diasappointment. Limited seats.                                                                              
Need tickets, more info? Contact The Food Forest, www.foodforest.com.au

or ph 85226450

  Adelaide City Premiere Movie Screening

Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett St, Adelaide

Tuesday 7 December. 5.30pm drinks & nibbles. Movie starts 6pm.

 DVDs are available at screenings and from The Food Forest Website: www.foodforest.com.au

Short Courses at the Food Forest:

  • Building with Strawbales:  October 30, 31
  • Introduction to Permaculture: November 13
  • Organic Vegetables & Free-range Poultry: November 14                                    
  • Fruit & Nut Growing: November 28
  • 10-day Permaculture Design Course with David Holmgren: Starting April 2011

YouTube: Food Forest TV Channel
The Food Forest has also launched micro movies onto Food Forest TV. These ‘how to’  videos, ranging from practical straw bale building techniques to controlling codling moth in your apple trees can be veiwed on: 
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFoodForest. Click on “Uploads’’ on the Food Forest TV page to view all segments.

For more info contact Graham and Annemarie Brookman
Phone/Fax: 08 8522 6450
Web: www.foodforest.com.au

 Friends of the Earth¹s Sustainable Food and Agriculture Quilt Project

 With the coldest Adelaide winter in years, now is the time to get quilting. We¹re making a quilt to illustrate and celebrate the many visions of a just and sustainable food system, and we would love your contribution!

Like a landscape that feeds its community from a patchwork of farms and wild places, the quilt highlights the diversity of ideas, strategies and projects that make up a sustainable food system, and when completed will be exhibited, used to teach about the food system we need, and may even be entered in the Royal Adelaide Show!

Wherever you are, we invite you to embroider, print, patch, appliqué, sew, stitch your vision for a just and sustainable food system. It might be something specific (like worm farms, or compost bins, or fruit trees planted in the streets, or rooftop gardens, or farmers¹ markets, or heirloom seeds) or general (like stronger communities, or thriving local economies, or diverse polycultural farms, or food sovereignty, or fair trade) or a project you¹re already involved with. Use pictures, use words, use whatever you like (provided it can all be sewn together in the end!)

 Squares should be 30cm x 30 cm, with a 3 cm border all the way around (so the area for your image is 24 x 24 cm). Feel free to use your own fabric, or contact us if you would like to be sent fabric to get you started.

 Submissions are due Friday 20 January 2011, but sooner is always welcome.

Please contact us at sophie.green@foe.org.au, or leave a message at (08) 8211 6872 to register your interest.

Green Wine Bar – Sarah’s Sisters Sustainable Café
A Green Drinks session is run every Friday night Sarah’s on Semaphore Road every Friday night from 6.30pm. Every week they have a theme for discussion, and they have food & beverages available for purchase. For more information call 8449 5817


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  1. Hello, I’m just passing on a message from Bradley at South Henley Hardware – he is trying to get a little edibles nursery going there – at any rate he has fruit trees going for 25% off right now! so if you’re in the market for one go and check it out!

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