Give-aways, requests and extra swapping

Cheryl has 5 little Asian Mulberry ‘trees’ which have struck from some twigs which got buried during a major prune last winter:

“The original tree was grown from a cutting and it’s great, so I presume that these will do the same. I don’t have any evidence as to whether it will fruit to type. I think it will be a matter of put it in and wait and see. It takes several years before it fruits and after 3 or 4 years you need to begin regular pruning. This encourages the development of fruit and also stops the tree from growing too large.
Over a number of years they can grow into quite a large tree which would need to be constrained by regular pruning (about 30% each year). On the plus side the tree is quite beautiful: has a lovely shape, provides summer shade and has divine fruit. So if 5 people would like to take a chance on getting one of these Asian Mulberry Trees to grow in their gardens I’d be happy to hear from them.”

Contact Cheryl at to arrange pick-up.

Offers from Hera:
– Jars, tins, containers of all sizes
– Use of binding machine


One response to “Give-aways, requests and extra swapping

  1. It’s time to clear out my freezer and in it are containers of frozen fruit , mainly peaches from last year. They were sliced and with a minimal amount of water quickly brought to the boil then fast cooled and frozen.
    If anyone can use them they are most welcome to email me to organise collection, otherwise it’s to the compost heap for them. I live in Findon.

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