Hi all,
Anyone who is on our email list would have just got an email about this, however we have some subscribers to the WordPress site who are not on the email list and vice versa, hence the double email!
A very happy New Year to you all. We’ve now had our first few swaps at the Henley Community gardens, and it’s proving to be a good fit for us and them.
To keep updated and follow the WordPress blog, you need to subscribe to it – there’s a link on the top bar that says “following” or “unfollow” – click on that to either get updates and posts (and again. I won’t do many!).
Swaps from now on are at the Henley Community Garden (Henley Grange Memorial Oval, Cnr Cudmore Tce and Atkin St, Henley Beach), on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Swaps are at the usual time, 10.15 for a swap at 10.30am sharp.
The next swap is on January 10th 2015. I expect lots of fruit on offer, although I have been away this year, so my garden is a bit less abundant than usual … only one apricot on my usually prolific tree, and a rat plague (they managed to get under the net on my dwarf peach tree and pretty well took a bit out of every peach!!).
I’d also like to give a plug to a great site for those of you who want home grown, local produce….check out http://www.ripenear.me/ – you can also sell or give away your surplus.
Cheers Sue


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